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Apeldoorn, Nederland

Internship data science - Kadaster & EuroSDR


  • Datum plaatsing: 23 maart 2023
  • Solliciteer voor: 28 augustus 2023
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Stage omschrijving

Do you want to be a part of a data-oriented organisation? Come and provide the Data Science Team with some fresh energy. We provide the opportunity to gain work experience and get acquainted with Kadaster. Put yourself on the map by applying for the following:

Data Science Intern

Kadaster’s Data Science Team is involved in various innovation projects and support various organisational challenges. You work, in collaboration with EuroSDR, on assignments related to graph alignment, metadata management and semantic technologies.

Background information on the cooperation with EuroSDR
EuroSDR (non-profit organisation) links national mapping and cadastral agencies to research institutes, universities and companies in Europe. They do this to support applied research in spatial data provision, management and delivery. Kadaster supports the ‘Linking Data in Europe’ project within the EuroSDR working group on Linked Data. This project has attracted EuroSDR members and their network across Europe and supports the linking of data based on metadata using semantic technologies.

The EuroSDR project ‘Linking Data in Europe’ focuses primarily on the transformation and publication of metadata to linked data, combining metadata on both a structural and semantic level and creating tools which support the linking of metadata records to each other. The most important deliverable for this project is the metadata knowledge graph (MKG).

Combining data from different domains and different countries remains a challenge. This is due to the lack of homogeneity in both the structure and semantics of this data. In addition, merging datasets for different use cases first requires that relevant datasets be found and that the content can be selected for reuse. Losing time finding information, understanding what is useful for the use case and combining this information in a logical way leaves less time and money to create real value by using this data for a range of use cases.

Metadata is central to supporting both findability and accessibility of data. The metadata must be of sufficient quality and rich enough that users can decide on the data that is relevant to a particular use case.
Both internships will be guided by members of the EuroSDR Linked Data group and interns will have frequent contact with the project group and the partner organizations involved. Two internships have been defined to support this project.

What are you going to do?

You can choose from one of the below assignments:

Internship 1: Development of the Metadata Wizard
We want to support users in the transformation from meta data to linked data and support in editing and enriching metadata for publication in the metadata knowledge graph. It is, therefore, important to provide users with the right tooling. The requirements for this tool have been drawn up by members of the EuroSDR Linked Data Group. One of these requirements is that the tool be developed based on the LDWizard:, which is an open-source tool that supports the transformation from data to linked data in a user-friendly way.

The selected intern will work towards building a toolset that will import in an intelligent way metadata from diverse sources related to spatiotemporal data and will add this metadata to a Knowledge Graph (KG) where they can be linked with previously existing metadata. The developed toolset would need to process, understand, link and semantically enrich the provided metadata.

Internship 2: Graph Alignment, Semantic Mapping and Ontologies
Metadata for digital assets in Europe exists in different formats with a range of standards and vocabularies. However, metadata follows its own semantic descriptions using one or more of the metadata vocabularies, which are ultimately part of the MKG. Before the metadata to linked data transformation can be performed, the range of metadata vocabularies must be identified and aligned.

We do this to support the semantic and structural homogeneity of metadata. This enables us to enrich existing metadata with more information. To support improved findability and searchability of digital resources in Europe. Modern solutions in this area include the use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to enable greater intelligence and precise alignment and linkage of the spatiotemporal metadata.
You design the model for the metadata knowledge graph and transform instance data to create the metadata knowledge graph.

The team

The Data Science Team consists of 17 colleagues. We take a look both inside and outside Kadaster at the very latest technologies, such as data science, data innovations and opportunities for collaboration. We help our colleagues with various issues and work together with external parties such as universities. We apply technology where it is possible that it contributes to the digital transformation of Kadaster. You work closely (digitally) with colleagues from the EuroSDR in France.

Do you want to know what the colleagues and trainees from the data science team do exactly? Check out:

Your profile

You are following a relevant course at higher vocational or university level, such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science or another course that is related. You have experience and interest in (geo) data analysis and conducting research. For the first internship assignment it is important that you have knowledge or experience with web application development, docker, typescript and react. For the second internship assignment, it is important that you have knowledge of or experience with software semantic modelling, pipeline scripting, SPARQL and linked data technologies. We coordinate the start date in consultation with each other. You are available for approximately 6 months.

We offer

You work in a pleasant working environment where you get all the space to ask questions.
We give you the opportunity to develop your talents. We also offer:

  • good supervision during the internship. Your internship supervisor knows the profession well, guides you professionally and helps you grow.
  • a laptop that you can use during your internship.
  • working from home is combined with working at the office at our location 'De Brug' in Apeldoorn. The location is easily accessible by public transport.
  • more than 250 training courses in our own digital learning environment. So you can get a little better every day.
  • an internship allowance of €565 (based on a 36-hour internship week).
  • interactive and fun student sessions for all interns.

Do you have questions about the internship? Get in touch. We can be reached via WhatsApp, telephone and e-mail.

Lisette Velthorst, Campus Recruiter
+31 6 15 95 73 15 (available on WhatsApp) 


Deze vacature sluit aan op:

  • Business IT & Management
  • Frontend Design & Development
  • ICT
  • ICT Service Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Projectleider Techniek
  • Software Development
  • Technische Bedrijfskunde


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