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Student Registration Data Analysis


  • Datum plaatsing: 5 juli 2024
  • Solliciteer voor: 5 augustus 2024
  • 58x Bekeken
  • 330,00 per maand
  • 40 uur per week
  • Coderminds B.V.

Stage omschrijving

Are you ready to kickstart your career with a dynamic internship at one of the educating tech innovators company? CoderMinds is excited to announce openings for our Internship Program, inviting students from diverse academic backgrounds to apply!

We are looking for interns studying in MBO, HBO, WO, and PABO students and in the following fields:

  • Computer Science, IT, and Data Analysis
  • Mathematics, Physics, and other Sciences
  • Multimedia Design
  • Marketing
  • Education (PABO students)

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive internship experience with flexible working hours: 32-40 hours per week across weekdays(4 days and weekends(1 day).

Intern Responsibilities Include:

  • Design and develop major projects while participating in internal company activities to hone professional skills.
  • Fulfilling tasks of project and sof skill goals, including time and outcome tracking.
  • Attend and contribute to weekly review meetings.
  • Collaborate across teams, gaining cross-disciplinary insights.
  • Prepare detailed project reports and deliver end-of-internship presentations.

What You Will Gain:

  • Agile Experience: Master Agile methodologies that are crucial for modern tech environments.
  • Skill Enhancement: Elevate your expertise in your field through hands-on projects.
  • Portfolio Development: Complete a significant project that you can showcase in your CV.
  • Soft Skills Practice: Develop essential soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, within a professional setting.
  • Presentation Skills: Improve your ability to convey complex ideas effectively, enhancing your public speaking and presentation capabilities.

Vacation Policy:

  • Interns are entitled to 10 vacation days for a 6-month period. Please note, school vacations such as autumn, Christmas, spring, May, and summer breaks are considered working periods in the business environment.

Apply Now! Kickstart your career with CoderMinds where innovation meets real-world application.

Join us and transform your potential into impact!

Project Definition:

Objective: The project aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of student registration data for Coderminds, allowing for data-driven decisions and insights. Interns will engage in data cleaning, analysis, and science to understand trends and patterns. Additionally, the project includes the development of an interactive dashboard, presenting the data in an understandable and visually appealing manner.

Scope and Expectations:

  1. Data Cleaning and Preprocessing:
    • Identify and handle missing or corrupt data.
    • Normalize data formats and ensure consistency.
    • Detect and remove outliers or irrelevant information.
  2. Data Analysis:
    • Perform statistical analysis to understand trends and patterns.
    • Segment data into meaningful groups for targeted analysis.
    • Generate insights that could influence policy or operational changes.
  3. Data Science and Manipulation:
    • Apply machine learning models to predict trends or classify data.
    • Use advanced algorithms for pattern recognition and anomaly detection.
    • Create predictive models for future student registrations.

Technology Stack:

  • Languages and Libraries: Python (Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn)
  • Version Control: Git, Sourcetree
  • Development Methodology: Agile System
  • API and Web Framework: Flask (for REST API development) or RestAPI tools
  • Data Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn (for generating plots and charts within the Python environment)


Data Analysis Platform:

  • A Python-based data analysis pipeline with clean, analyzed, and visualized data.
  • Documentation detailing the methodologies and insights from the analysis.


Upon completion, Coderminds will have a robust system for analyzing student registration data, leading to more informed decision-making. The dashboard will serve as a tool for visualizing these insights, making the data accessible and understandable to non-technical stakeholders.

Additional Notes:

  • Interns are expected to follow best practices in coding, version control, and project management throughout the project.
  • Regular meetings will be scheduled to review progress, address challenges, and ensure the project is aligned with Coderminds' strategic goals.
  • The project's success will be measured by the accuracy of data analysis, the usability of the dashboard, and the overall satisfaction of the end-users.


Deze vacature sluit aan op:

  • Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Safety & Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Informatica
  • Marketing
  • Software Development

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