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Advanced Pose-Controlled Game Development in Unity


  • Datum plaatsing: 5 juli 2024
  • Solliciteer voor: 1 september 2024
  • 93x Bekeken
  • 330,00 per maand
  • 40 uur per week
  • Coderminds B.V.

Stage omschrijving

Are you ready to kickstart your career with a dynamic internship at one of the educating tech innovators company? CoderMinds is excited to announce openings for our Internship Program, inviting students from diverse academic backgrounds to apply!

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive internship experience with flexible working hours: 32-40 hours per week across weekdays(3-4 days and weekends(1 day).

Intern Responsibilities Include:

  • Design and develop major projects while participating in internal company activities to hone professional skills.
  • Fulfilling tasks of project and sof skill goals, including time and outcome tracking.
  • Attend and contribute to weekly review meetings.
  • Collaborate across teams, gaining cross-disciplinary insights.
  • Prepare detailed project reports and deliver end-of-internship presentations.

What You Will Gain:

  • Agile Experience: Master Agile methodologies that are crucial for modern tech environments.
  • Skill Enhancement: Elevate your expertise in your field through hands-on projects.
  • Portfolio Development: Complete a significant project that you can showcase in your CV.
  • Soft Skills Practice: Develop essential soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, within a professional setting.
  • Presentation Skills: Improve your ability to convey complex ideas effectively, enhancing your public speaking and presentation capabilities.

Vacation Policy:

  • Interns are entitled to 10 vacation days for a 6-month period. Please note, school vacations such as autumn, Christmas, spring, May, and summer breaks are considered working periods in the business environment.

Apply Now! Kickstart your career with CoderMinds where innovation meets real-world application.

Join us and transform your potential into impact!

Project Description:

Create a sophisticated game in Unity where players can control the game's characters or vehicles using their body movements, detected through a webcam. This project will utilize Google's Teachable Machine to create and train a model for pose detection, enabling an intuitive and immersive game control system that does not rely on traditional input methods.


  • To provide the intern with an in-depth experience in both Unity game development and the application of machine learning for real-time interaction.
  • To develop a fully-featured game that uses innovative control schemes, allowing Coderminds students to interact with the game using physical movements.
  • To leverage Teachable Machine for creating a custom, easily trainable model for pose detection, ensuring the game is accessible and enjoyable for all players.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Unity: For creating the game environment and scripting game logic.
  • Teachable Machine: For integrating pre-trained a machine learning model capable of recognizing various poses and translating them into game controls.
  • Webcam: To capture the player's movements for real-time pose detection.

Project Phases:

Phase 1: Learning and Advanced Planning (1 Month)

  • Activities:
    • Deep dive into Unity's advanced features, focusing on animation, physics, and user interface design.
    • Comprehensive tutorials on Teachable Machine, understanding how to create and train models for pose detection.
    • Detailed game design document creation, outlining gameplay mechanics, storyline, levels, and the integration of pose detection controls.

Phase 2: Teachable Machine Model Development (1 Month)

  • Activities:
    • Experimenting with Teachable Machine to capture and label various poses relevant to game controls.
    • Training the model to accurately recognize these poses and testing its reliability and accuracy.
    • Iterative refinement of the model based on test results to ensure seamless gameplay.

Phase 3: Game Development and Integration (2 Months)

  • Activities:
    • Developing the game's core mechanics, levels, and assets in Unity.
    • Implementing the trained Teachable Machine model into the game, allowing for pose-based controls.
    • Continuous testing and refinement of the game-play experience to ensure that the pose controls are intuitive and responsive.

Phase 4: Extensive User Testing and Iteration (1 Month)

  • Activities:
    • Organizing multiple playtesting sessions with Coderminds students to gather feedback on the game's controls, difficulty, and overall fun factor.
    • Analyzing feedback to make informed adjustments to game mechanics, difficulty levels, and the pose detection model if necessary.
    • Final adjustments to ensure the game is polished, bug-free, and accessible to its target audience.

Phase 5: Final Presentation and Documentation (2 Weeks)

  • Activities:
    • Preparing a comprehensive presentation that covers the development process, challenges overcome, and the technologies used.
    • Demonstrating the gameplay, including an overview of how to use Teachable Machine to train or retrain the model for different users.
    • Compiling detailed documentation and guides on how the game was developed, how to play it, and how to modify or extend the game and the machine learning model.


  • A fully-functional Unity game that uses a Teachable Machine model for intuitive pose-based controls.
  • A trained Teachable Machine model that accurately recognizes player poses and translates them into in-game actions.
  • Comprehensive documentation detailing the development process, model training, and game-playing instructions.

Expected Outcomes:

  • The intern gains comprehensive knowledge and experience in game development, basics of machine learning, and the integration of advanced technologies for interactive applications.
  • Coderminds students receive a unique and engaging game that showcases the practical application of coding, machine learning, and creative game design.
  • The project serves as a showcase piece for innovative educational technology approaches, potentially inspiring further projects and exploration in this field.


Deze vacature sluit aan op:

  • Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Safety & Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Informatica
  • Software Development

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