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Radial Software Group B.V.

Amsterdam, Nederland

4 Vacatures

Over Radial Software Group B.V.

We are an IT company based in Amsterdam. We provide technical information and knowledge management Software, called The software is delivered as product or as a service (SaaS) to their process industry customer in Water, Power, Oil and Gas and chemical sectors worldwide. Customers include Engie, WML, Total, Wintershall, BASF, and Spirit Energy.

The software detects cross links between documents, drawings and data from various sources using techniques as OCR, image processing, and fuzzy matching. These cross links offers end users an unprecedented unified view of the available information and assists them in maintaining consistency across multiple domains.

What students are we looking for?

We are looking for graduated bright engineers with a broad interest and an entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that software should solve real-world problems for our customers, and should be easy to use. Having customer focus with an agile mindset is therefore a must. Development is done primarily in C#, JavaScript and SQL. For the adventurous type we may have projects abroad, e.g. UK, Norway, UAE, Singapore, and Australia.


Erkenning voor de opleidingen

  • Business IT & Management
  • Commercieel Management
  • Commerciele Economie
  • E-commerce
  • IT Service Management
  • Informatica
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales en Accountmanagement
  • Software Development